Ringlock Scaffolding Intermediate Transom

Ringlock Scaffolding Intermediate Transom

Hot dipped Galvanized ringlock scaffolding intermediate Transom How to make your quality management ? 1. Raw material .Every batch of our raw material ,there must have accurate inspection for the Steel Chemical composition list Q235 or Q345 . And we will have the detail Mill test Certification...

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Hot dipped Galvanized  ringlock scaffolding intermediate Transom



 ringlock intermediate transom 001.jpg

 Product name

Specification (MM)

    Weight (KG )

 Ringlock intermediate  Transom

48.3*3.0*600  Q235


 Ringlock intermediate  Transom

48.3*3.0*650  Q235


 Ringlock intermediate  Transom

48.3*3.0*730  Q235


 Ringlock intermediate  Transom

48.3*3.0*750  Q235


 Ringlock intermediate  Transom

48.3*3.0*900  Q235


 Ringlock intermediate  Transom

48.3*3.0*1200 Q235


 Ringlock intermediate  Transom

48.3*3.0*1400 Q235



Product name


   Weight    (kg)

Ringlock intermediate  Transom

48.3*3.0*1500  Q235


Ringlock intermediate  Transom

48.3*3.0*914   Q235


Ringlock intermediate  Transom

48.3*3.0*732   Q235


Ringlock intermediate  Transom

48.3*3.0*1040  Q235


Ringlock intermediate  Transom

48.3*3.0*1150  Q235


Ringlock intermediate  Transom

48.3*3.0*2440  Q235


Ringlock intermediate  Transom

48.3*3.0*1830  Q235


Ringlock intermediate  Transom


48.3*3.0*2550  Q235



How to make your quality management ?


1. Raw material .Every batch of our raw material ,there must have accurate inspection for the Steel Chemical composition list Q235 or Q345 .

And we will have the detail Mill test Certification for the raw material with the exact heat number and so on . and also there can be have the Tracking number on the raw material in this way the quality of our raw material can trace .



1. How to make sure the quality of your products is the top qualified ones ?


   We produce our scaffolding accordingly to the European standard . BS Standard and AU/NZS1576 Standard . The accurate for the thickness and th e sizes is no less than +-5% .


  For every stop of our production ,there must have at least three times checking by our qualified inspectors .If one stop is not ok , it is not allowed to the next step .



3 What is the thickness of the hot dipped Galvanization ?


 We are very stringent on our source of pure zinc to ensure high quality hot dip Galvanizing result . we have been using 99.95% premium jumbo zinc ingot imported from Canada USA or Europe from the very beginning .


 And before Hot dipped Galvanization ,here must have the pickling production process to remove the Impurities and rust on the surface of the black pipes . but some small scaffolding factory do not have this production process . After pickling for the black pipes, it will help the hot dipped Galvanization more stonger adhension .



3 What is your quality control management of your Hot dipped Galvanization ?


We produce accordingly to the standard of BS EN ISO1461:2009

Standard quality control documents are in place for our specialists to stictly monitor all hot dipped Galvanization work .so the quality and result are guaranteed .




4 What is the thickness of the hot dipped Galvanization  ?


 The Thickness of our hot dipped Galvanization is no less than 70um for the average thickness


5. Do your company have any environmetal management system ?


 Yes we have . The director have invested about 20 Million RMB and equipped with the latest state of the art technologies and management in order to attain a higher stance of environmental protection . the facility have adopted a total concealed structure in referencing the latest EU Standard .Also installed 13.5 M (L )x3M(D )x1.7M(W ) galvanizing tank with an annual output capacity of 80.000 MT Which wil start operations in early 2016 .


Why choose us ?


1. We have got the the environmental certification from the government .so that our production of our scaffolding will not stop . it will help to meet the delivery time for our customers .


1. We have our automatic welding machine for our ringlock scaffolding system . The quality of the welding is smooth and qualified . and the actual thickness of our hot dipped Galvanization will be no less than 3.5mm .


3 and we have been continue for attending the Canton Fair , Shanghai Baoma Fair and Thailand impact fair for every year .



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