Yellow Minion On The Train Track

- Aug 08, 2018-

"Right side, clear! Left side, clear! Go!"

With the order given, a group of men dressed in bright yellow from the Changchun Track Maintenance Division rushed onto the train tack and began their work on Aug 2.

They are affectionately known as "yellow minions" due to their yellow vests and bustling moves. Apart from this, they look nothing like the minions from the animation movie. As maintenance workers for the railroads run through the city of Changchun, they do not sing, dance or joke around like these adorable animated characters simply because they cannot afford to make any mistakes whatsoever.

Despite the summer heat, they have to kneel down to examine the horizontal level of the track, listen carefully while tapping the steel track with a wrench to check if there are any problems with the screws, and adjust a concrete sleeper back and forth with the tamping machine every time there is any minimal deviation.

"Deviations range within millimeters, which means every one of our men has a pair of piercing eyes," said Li He, monitor of the maintenance group. The group he leads has the responsibility for a nine-kilometer-long track with thousands of screws that need to be checked.

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