Workers Show Of Wire-walking Above Scaffolds Dont Play Life Like These !

- Apr 01, 2017-

According to the published Regulations of Tian Jing safety production writen: When dealing with outer walls clening,aircondition installing and other hanging ans stall projects on high platforms, wokers must wear safe wires and safety helmets, must have resposible persons to in charge the safety and supervising.



But someone do not obey it even treat their lives in changer in Tianjing !

Mar 31, 2017, some civils of the Binhai new Strict, came into this dangerous scene:Two wokers were installing the shield for the underground garage without any safety protection.They left from the scaffold plaform and walked pass below empty frames for serveral times. Just like dancing on ice ! This scene make every civils who saw this felt like haunted with fears.


It happens that there is a similar case. 

In the nearby cross of Zengchan Road and Hongxing Road, Hebei District, Tianjing,one reporter was watching a similar wire-walking thing. workers were busy with building a plaform for aircondition installing. 

As we can saw in the pictures, workers were standing on a very simple scaffolding plaform. No safety wires, just helmets, serveral workers are tieing the scaffolding standards and ledgers. Ever, one of workers almost slewsed from the plaform.At that time ,11:00am,sun was very hot, it's easy to make people absent-minded. Just like walking on the wires and play, very dangerous. It's very easy to cause workers fell down and bring safety questions. So it also let people think of how to protect workers in a better conditions.


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