What Are The Elements Of High Quality And Safe Aluminium Alloy Scaffolding?

- Apr 08, 2018-

At present in domestic construction, more standards specification construction unit has largely put an end to the door scaffold built more than 2 layer height violations, instead more is to use steel tube, fastener mobile work platform. But its ponderous, safe and poor, inefficient problems need to be solved urgently. If such products cause accidents, it will not only have a great impact on the construction and urban image, but also bring negative image to the scaffolding industry. As a result, more and more construction units begin to use mobile aluminum alloy scaffolding for construction, the benefit is obvious.


Industry experts believe that customers' lack of understanding of new products such as aluminum scaffolding is the main reason for the purchase of inferior products by the purchaser or the user. In its view, high quality and safe aluminium alloy scaffolding needs to include the following elements


Safety construction and use.

How to safely use scaffolding? The following matters need to be noted:

1. Safety inspection; In front of the structures and the use of scaffolding, need to check all of the components, pipes, ensure that all parts are intact, pipe fittings without cracks, extrusion and knock against the obvious dent.

2. When building, make sure that the ground of scaffolding and mobile scaffolding can provide enough stable and solid support.

3. Please consult the supplier or manufacturer for the operation under the guidance of the external supporting environment.

4. When moving scaffolding, you should pay attention to the electrical appliances running nearby, such as the electric wires in the air.

5. When moving scaffolding, everyone must leave the scaffolding and clean up all the debris on the shelves.

In fact, for the scaffolding industry, it is necessary for all parties to work together to avoid safety accidents. For example, scaffolding enterprises need to produce safe and high quality products. For the procurement side, the procurement of safe and high quality scaffolding should be considered in the meantime. As a real use of scaffolding, the standard use is a direct guarantee of their own safety.

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