Vermont Gas Agrees To Independent Review Of Pipeline Construction

- Mar 28, 2018-

In response to detailed allegations about safety shortcuts, Vermont Gas Systems has agreed to an independent review of its Addison pipeline project.

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Pipeline opponents say the company’s own documents show improper construction and a failure to document safe construction practices. Lawyer Jim Dumont says the investigation is just what his clients have asked for.

“I think it’s a great step forward,” Dumont said. “My clients have been submitting filings to the Public Utility Commission starting last July, asking for an independent investigation of the safety of the entire pipeline.”

The 41-mile pipeline has seen cost overruns and legal challenges since it was first approved in 2013.  

In February, the Department of Public Service recommended a $25,000 fine because workers allegedly laid the pipe in some areas directly on the ground in a trench instead of on a layer of sand needed for protection and to prevent corrosion. The department also sought additional testing to ensure safety.

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