Ukraine To Raise Steel Output In September - Ukrmetalurgprom

- Aug 30, 2018-

Open 4 Business reported that according to information from the Ukrmetalurgprom association, Ukrainian metallurgical enterprises intend to increase steel production by 5.6% in September 2018 in comparison with the planned figures for August, to 1.9 million tonnes from 1.8 million tonnes and that  the plan for September also envisages the increase in total rolled steel production by 6.3%, to 1.7 million tonnes from 1.6 million tonnes, pig iron by 5.6%, to 1.9 million tonnes from 1.8 million tonnes.

According to the union, in July cast iron production stood at 1.77 million tonnes (108% from June 2018), that of steel some 1.82 million tonnes (106%), and rolled goods some 1.5 million tonnes (99%).

Ukraine in January-July 2018 produced iron ore concentrate in the amount of 35.28 million tonnes (99.7% against the same period in 2017), sinter some 18.13 million tonnes (106%), pellets some 12.55 million tonnes (110%), gross coke (6% moisture) some 6.31 million tonnes (106%), pig iron some 11.9 million tonnes (109% taking into account the work of enterprises in the uncontrolled area in January-February 2017, 114% excluding them), steel some 12.2 million tonnes (103% and 106% respectively), rolled products some 10.75 million tonnes (105% and 110% respectively), and pipes some 647,000 tonnes (108%).

The report says despite the loss of part of the capacity in the uncontrolled territory, in 2018 compared to the same period in 2017 there was an increase in production of the main types of goods.

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