The Trade War Cannot Solve The Problem

- Mar 29, 2018-

The "trade war" cannot solve the problem

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, met with the delegation of members led by US Senator Deans in March 27th at Ziguangge, Zhongnanhai State Council.

Li Keqiang said that since the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and the United States, the relationship has experienced wind and rain and the overall development has been on the way. President Xi Jinping and President Trump have met and communicated on many occasions and reached important consensus on bilateral relations and cooperation. It is hoped that the U.S. Congress will play an active and constructive role in jointly safeguarding the political and public opinions of Sino-U.S. relations.

Li Keqiang pointed out that the economic complementarity between China and the United States is strong and the scale of cooperation continues to expand. It is inevitable that there will be some frictions and differences. Some economic and trade issues have been in existence for a long time and it will not be possible for them to be resolved overnight. It requires a process. The "trade war" can not solve the problem and violates the basic principles of trade. China will work toward solving problems through dialogue and consultation and will also be fully prepared for the response. It is hoped that the United States will act in a pragmatic and rational manner with China, which helps maintain the multilateral trade rules and is beneficial to both countries and the world.

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