The Global Steel Market Is Now Choppy

- Oct 17, 2017-

The global steel market is now choppy

 After a phased adjustment last month, the global steel market in early October saw a choppy divergence.  So far this year, the international trend of the hong kong-listed, moves with the same period in 2009, the probability of late now trend adjustment is still larger Therefore, combining with the fundamentals prediction, the recent global hong kong-listed or continue to adjust gaining movements.

1.Indonesia plans to significantly increase crude steel production capacity,

2.Asian steel market: mixed with uptrends and down trends

Summary:based on the volatility of China's steel market, it is expected that the Asian steel market will continue to fluctuate in recent years.

3.European steel market: mixed up trends and down trend.

4.American steel market: weak but up

Summary:according to the operation situation and the fundamental situation, it is expected that the recent trend of the American steel market or continue to be weak and strong

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