The Belf And Road International Economic Cooperation Held In May

- Apr 27, 2017-

  China will hold ONE BELT ONE ROAD INTERNATIONAL SUMMIT on 14th-15th May. 28 country's leaders will attend this meeting. The summit will continue to make the progress for large-scale infrastructure investment in Asia, Europe and Africa.It will be the greatest diplomatic event in 2017. "One Belt And One Road" initiative for all countries in the world, to create a new era of globalization.In the United States and other European countries have signs of renewed against globalization trends, trade protectionism, China will continue to free trade.Comments quoted experts pointed out that the President of the United States stick to trump the priority strategy, that will make a lot of countries to realize the importance of development good relations with China.The summit is China's a perfect opportunity to reveal the national soft power.

   Right now some steel factories are stopping producing because of this summit, to provide a good environment during the period time.

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