Tangshan Welded Pipe Market Keeps Dropping

- Nov 30, 2017-

Tangshan welded pipe market keeps dropping

It is reported that Tangshan welded pipe market has seen continuous dropping with thin transaction. In specific, the mainstream price of national-standard pipe with the diameter of 1.5 to 4 inches is at RMB3,400/ton down by RMB50/ton from the previous trading day, and the market price is posted at RMB3,370/ton. The mainstream offer price for 1.5 inches scaffold tube goes at RMB3,240/ton down by RMB40/ton from yesterday.

As learned, the terminal market has seen recovery at present period, with unchanged market transaction. Impacted by the unsatisfied shipments in a long term, many mills had to cut the price down to stimulate the market the insiders hold the comparable upswing trend of scaffold tube has reflected the resuming situation in the domestic market. There are no declining signs showed in the downstream market.

The deteriorated market deals are given to the bad macro economy, which leads the downstream users don not have enough confidence to the future market. It is expected that the stocks will be gradually increased, as well as the market transactions. Nevertheless, the high inventory indeed pressed the upstream traders a lot. And analysts believe the welded pipe is likely to continue a week trend in a short time.

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