Small Details That Cannot Be Ignored In Construction Projects

- Jun 08, 2018-

Small details that cannot be ignored in construction projects

Scaffolding is an important facility for civil engineering construction. It is a working platform or working channel set up to ensure safe and smooth operation in high places. Scaffolding shall be erected in accordance with the operation requirements in the construction of structure, decoration and installation of equipment and pipelines.

(1) bricks, masonry and cement must have the certificate of ex-factory qualification and the retest report, and meet the design requirements; Before masonry, it is necessary to prepare the technical substrates of mortar mix ratio and the measuring preparation of ingredients. The center line and control line of the wall of the building should be played well before construction can be carried out after the inspection is correct.

(2) the masonry shall be constructed in a reasonable way. According to the design requirements, the girder, the ring girder, the tensile steel bar and the compressed steel mesh should meet the design requirements.

(3) the foundation must be laid well in the project operation, and a cautious attitude should be maintained in each process, putting safety first.

(4))Non-slip is also must pay attention to the things, including road anti-skid, anti-skid construction area, etc., the scene all channels to ensure no water (snow, mud) roads, keep dry, every day to make greater efforts to clean the operation day in processing of the region to clean up ahead of time, ensure the ground is relatively dry, will not be able to freeze.

(5)Finally fire is also very important thing, is also a lot of fire in the winter, don't think that the summer than the winter easy to out of the fire, fire extinguisher to acquire in place, especially where the carpenters, painters and welding barrack, many workers working like smoke, when to stop, all these venues will be strict to do finish work is clear, which, don't heap.

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