Sino-Philippine Eight Companies Form Joint Venture To Participate In The Reconstruction Of Malawi, Philippines

- Jun 19, 2018-

The Philippine Housing and Development Department stated that the reconstruction project of Malawi submitted by the joint venture of five Chinese companies and three Philippine companies has passed the preliminary review of experts and has become the bid winner.

It is reported that five Chinese companies are China Construction Co., Ltd., Anhui Huali Construction Group Co., Ltd., China Geological Engineering Corporation, Tebian Electric Apparatus Co., Ltd. and Shandong Jinyuan Homeland Industrial Development Co., Ltd.

In May last year, the Philippine government forces exchanged fire with the "Mouté Organization" and Abu Sayyaf armed men in the southern city of Malawi. The fighting lasted for five months, resulting in serious damage to the city. The Philippine government subsequently launched the urban reconstruction work. The Housing and Construction Department began bidding in February this year.

Officials of the Housing and Construction Department said that the tender for this project uses a new model called “Swiss Challenge” to speed up the progress of the project and reduce corruption. According to the bidding rules, the joint venture will also need to “challenges” with other companies in May this year, that is, other companies may propose improvement plans. If the proposed bid winner fails to meet the criteria for improving the program, they may lose their qualification for winning the bid.

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