Several Provisions In The Use Of Building Fasteners

- Jun 29, 2018-

1, construction fasteners: poling extension in addition to the top step can use lap, the rest of the each step must adopt butt joint fastener connection. Docking, take meet meet the following requirements: the lap length should not be less than 1 m, shall be not less than two fixed rotating fastener, end fastener cover plate to the edge of rod end distance should be not less than 100 mm, poling docking fasteners should be staggered, two adjacent stud connectors should not be set within the synchronization;

2, construction fasteners, fastener type steel pipe formwork construction must be compiled before construction scheme, a new type of composite building template steel support, is composed of high-performance scalable cold-rolled steel girders and vice beam through clever connection, and adjustable height of the support, can free combination according to construction requirements, can be formed a set of safe, beautiful and strong support system, simple structure, novel design concept. Convenient installation and disassembly, fast, more turnover, save labor, time and materials, can greatly reduce construction cost and improve work efficiency.

3. Construction fasteners: requirements for the appearance and quality of fasteners: fasteners with cracks, deformation or slippage of bolts are strictly prohibited;

4, construction fasteners: erection of formwork using steel pipes, fasteners, sampling inspection must be conducted before using, sampling number in accordance with relevant regulations. Without inspection or unqualified shall not be used without exception, the master node must be set at a lateral horizontal pole, dismantling right-angle fastener hooking and it is strictly prohibited. The master node two right-angle fastener center distance should not be greater than 150 mm

5, construction fasteners: demolition work must be conducted step by step down the, it is strictly prohibited and homework. At the same time segment to dismantle the elevation difference of step should not be greater than 2. Has attached fitting template scaffold, fittings must be step by step with the bracket, it is strictly prohibited to remove the fittings all or several steps and then remove the bracket.

6. Construction fasteners: when unloading materials, the following provisions shall be complied with: it is strictly prohibited to throw steel pipes and fasteners from high places to the ground.

7. Construction fasteners: the construction load on the working layer shall meet the design requirements, and shall not be overloaded. Scaffolding shall not be connected to the formwork bracket.

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