Scaffolding History

- Dec 22, 2016-

In China before 1949 and the early 50 's, method of construction scaffolding bamboo or wood construction. 60 's promotion of steel tubular scaffold with couplers.

80, and China in the development of advanced, multi-function scaffold aspects of remarkable achievements, such as door-like scaffold and Bowl fastener-style steel pipe scaffolding series, the scale of annual production capacity has reached tens of thousands of tons, and has a number of exports.

For a long time, due to the erection of the tool itself and its construction techniques and the use of safety management work in a comparatively backward state, resulting in higher incidence of accidents. Related statistics show that construction system in China in accidents that occur each year, approximately 1/3 directly or indirectly associated with erection tools and their use of it.

With China building market of increasingly mature and perfect, bamboo wood type scaffolding has gradually eliminated out building market, only in some remote behind of area still in using; and door type scaffolding, and Bowl buckle type scaffolding, only in municipal, and bridge, few engineering in the using, General buckle pieces type pipe scaffolding for its maintenance simple and using life long and input cost low variety advantages, occupy China domestic 70% above of market, and has larger of development space.

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