Scaffolding Feature

- Dec 22, 2016-

Different types of construction scaffolding and formwork for different purposes. Bridge support frame using Bowl scaffolding are most common, also have used gate scaffolding. Floor scaffolds used scaffold with couplers in construction of main structure of most scaffolding pole latitude is 1.2~1.8M; 0.9~1.5M cross from the General.

Compared with the general structure of the scaffold, their working conditions have the following characteristics:

1, the load variability;

2, fastener joints are semi-rigid, joint stiffness and size and quality of fastener, installation quality, joints of considerable variation exists;

3, the scaffold structure, Member initial imperfections, such as pole bending, corrosion, erection size error, eccentric loading are larger;

4, with the connection point on the wall, the scaffolding of the bound variable. Research on the above lack of accumulation and statistical information system, do not have independent probability analysis of condition, so the structural resistance multiplied by the adjustment coefficient whose value is less than 1 through alignment with the safety factors used in the past to determine. Therefore, this specification uses design methods is essentially half of probability, half experience. Scaffolding to meet the structural requirements of this specification are basic requirements for design calculations.

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