What Is Ringlock Scaffolding And Why Is It So Popular following

- May 25, 2018-

Robust, Flexible Features of Ringlock

Albeit a relatively new system to the industry, Ringlocks unique design and ring-lock type connection has provided the scaffolding and construction industry a unique, problem solving attentive to Cuplock or Kwikstage.

Robust and Resilient

Ringlock can be used within a variety of industries, sectors and environments, manufactured from high strength, lightweight galvanised steel. Ringlock features the ability to be used in extreme environmental conditions, on and offshore.

Increased Productivity

On an industrial and construction scale, Ringlock offers quick installation alongside extreme flexibility. The pre-fabricated nature of Ringlock permits quick installation, resulting in increased productivity, when compared with the installation of a traditional tube and fitting scaffold.

Unrivalled Flexibility

Ringlock, due to its design permits an immense level of flexibility providing more ability to cater for complex geometries

Ringlock standard


· Certified under European Standards EN 12810-1/2 and 12811-1 2/3

· Principal Components: standard, ledger, diagonal, platform, guardrail, screw jack, and toeboard.

· Effective design using galvanised steel ensures fast, simple, and intuitive assembly with a high load-bearing capacity, making the scaffolding highly rigid and stable.

· Formed by standards with ringlock rosettes every 50 cm from which the other components are connected.

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