Scaffold Classification

- Dec 22, 2016-

1, mobile: mobile and fixed divided into two;

2, material: includes wood, steel and aluminium;

3, forms and uses of the Tower:

formwork-supports templates, scaffolding erection shelf

single-row scaffolding-referred to as single-frame, that is, only one row of pole, one end of the horizontal Rod shelving on the wall of a scaffold double-row scaffolding-referred to as double-bent, that is, consisting of two rows of vertical poles and pole scaffolds repair scaffold-for decoration engineering construction jobs For masonry and scaffolding structure engineering the ⑤ structure construction  suspending scaffold-applied equipment installation or maintenance suspended operations

4, construction of nature: it includes construction scaffolding and installation of scaffolding

5, block size

① Open: only a job railing and toeboards, no other shelter facilities of scaffolding. Is the top of scaffolding hire.

② closed: closed along lateral length of the scaffold and scaffolding.

③ semi-enclosed: occlusion with 30%~70% area of the scaffold.

④ partially closed: block size is less than 30%.

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