Salzgitter Group Launches E-AUCTION Trading Platform

- May 24, 2018-

Salzgitter Mannesmann Stahlhandel is now presenting a global innovation – e-AUCTION, a digital trading platform. The Salzgitter Group’s steel products can be bought at auction here with immediate effect. Düsseldorf-based Salzgitter Mannesmann Stahlhandel GmbH is the first steel trader to sell its products in an open bidding procedure that allows the highest current bid to be tracked.

In future, however, it is not only the products of the stock holding steel trade that can be sold via auction – true to the steel trade’s motto: everything is possible. Based on Younited, the e-AUCTION will be extended step by step in order to greatly simplify the procurement procedure for customers through innovative services, while optimizing processes and enhancing efficiency.

e-WORLD consists of various components that are customized to meet the respective requirements and size of the customers’ companies. Digital options range from online procurement with access to all the warehouses of the stock holding steel trade right through to just-in-time networks with automotive suppliers’ logistic chains.

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