Safety Techniques Should Be Paid Attention To In Template Engineering

- Jun 15, 2018-

1.   The safety helmet should be worn before work to check whether the tools used are firm, wrenches and other tools must be tied on the body with ropes to prevent falling and hurting people. Concentrate on your work to prevent nails sticking in your feet and falling out of the air.

2. Scaffolds and protective railings shall be installed to prevent installation and removal of formwork more than 5 meters high and low in the same vertical plane. Fasten your seat belt for high work.

3. Press cannot stack large amounts of formwork and other materials on scaffolding.

4. Practical safety measures shall be taken in advance to install and dismantle high-altitude and complex structural templates. When removing the upper die, there should be a special person to command and mark the work area below. When assembling and disassembling the composite steel formwork, the upper and lower parts shall be handled by a person.

5. Transaction supports, leads, etc. should not be placed on door window frames and scaffolding. The inclined support and pull rod in the middle of the passage should be over 1.8 meters high. In the process of supporting the die, if you need to stop midway, you should fasten the support, the butt joint, the cylinder head plate and so on. During the disassembly interval, the movable formwork, lead bars, supports, etc. shall be carried away or properly stacked.

6. A long crowbar is used to remove the formwork. People are not allowed to stand on the template being dismantled. When removing the template, the entire template should be prevented from falling down to avoid injury.

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