Process Flow

- Dec 22, 2016-

1, rack installation process:

In firm of Foundation play line, and State Rod positioning → placed sweep Rod → erected rod and and sweep Rod buckle tight → loaded sweep small bar, and and State rod and sweep Rod buckle tight → loaded first step big bar and and the State Rod buckle tight → Ann first step small bar → Ann second step big bar → Ann second step small bar → added set temporary oblique Struts, top and second step big bar buckle tight (installed and column connection Rod Hou demolition) → Ann subsection three or four step big bar and small bar → installation II layer and column lever → received State Rod → added set cut force support → laying feet hand, Securing protection and the soles of the feet, vertical hanging safety nets.

2, Rachel a building frame (flexible Rachel)

Φ 6 bars, top bracing, steel pipes and other components of the part, which bars under tension, the pressure from the top bracing, steel pipes and other passes.

3, safety net

(1) the hanging setting requested: provided safety nets hung tight with plastic Mie solid banding shall not drop stitch binding, two network connections should be tied on the same bar. Established safety nets to hang inside the scaffolding.

(2) layers of scaffolding and construction in accordance with acceptance criteria set closed flat screen, prevent debris fell.

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