Please Give Steel Industry One More Minute

- Mar 23, 2017-

   We hope society could give one more minute for steel industry. Numerous work will be done during the period time. All of you may concern about environment issue.Some measures have be taken for dealing with the problem. We are assuring that will return you a 

neat,clean and green steel industry. Most deams could not be came ture without the steel basic material,such as deep sea,space,etc. So let us work together for China's real economy and make some progress for our country.Mr Ma Guoqiang( CEO of BAOWU GROUP) say.

   Coming back to scaffolding material, it is also need steel. Many customers will complain about why the price is so high. The only reason is for the raw material--steel. Next month is the beginning of hot selling season and it will last until Novemeber. Hope this year will be a remarkable progress.


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