National Steel Market Weekly Review

- Mar 22, 2018-


   This week, the price of China's steel market is relatively stable, and the volume of the market in individual regions is still good, and the overall situation of the southern market is not good.In particular, the average price of 2.5mm*232 hot rolled strip is 4,027 yuan/ton, which is 3 yuan/ton higher than the average price of last week.3.5mm*685 hot rolled strip steel average price is 4038 yuan/ton, up 9 yuan/ton from last week's average price.Prices are relatively stable from this week's prices, with fluctuations in the futures market.

   145 strip steel market: this week, tangshan narrow band market fluctuation range is not big, on Friday mainstream manufacturers offer 3,970 yuan/ton, the weekly price is up 60 yuan/ton.This week, it was obviously stronger than last week, and it was always affected by the upstream steel billet and the period snail. The market of this week was highly volatile and the market was in a highly open position.Parts in addition, tang shan area affected by the environmental protection, profile plant shut down, the early stage of the affected, clinch a deal billet is weak, the strip in the futures are green and the billet is weak under the double pressure of low price, clinch a deal the weak;Late under the stimulus of futures, and the overall product active material market, steel enterprises most of liquidation, and then adjust the funds, low price of steel billet, it also boosted the demand of the billet, the hong kong-listed atmosphere active, strip the chase after go up step by step.With the end of the heating season and the construction of the downstream construction site, both supply and demand are expected to run smoothly next week.

   232-355 strip steel market: this week, the market of tangshan iron and steel market was running in a narrow range. Before the press release, the factory price of 355 series of steel strip in tangshan was rmb3,890 / ton, down 10 yuan/ton from the same period last week.Production situation: according to the statistics, this week the tangshan 20 232 series DaiGangChang 28 strip steel production line, 14 strip steel production line maintenance or affect the production of 318700 tons, capacity utilization rate was 42.52%, down 3.435% compared with last week, 14 strip line to start production, capacity utilization by 50%, down 3.57% compared with last week's inventory: on March 16, the tangshan strip stock market situation is not entirely investigation statistics, the inventory of hot rolling steel strip as this week, 931000 tons, 94000 tons less than last week.This week, during the last week of the two sessions, the air quality is affecting the environment.Bazhou, handan, tianjin and other regions of galvanized, tube factory production is more, affect strip volume surged up, and the current social higher inventory, manufacturers selling pressure, unstable state of mind that some manufacturers, frequent fluctuations of the market price.At present, considering that some agreements have not been fully digested in the last month, the intermediary funds are tight, which will hinder the market capital turnover to some extent.With the release of demand in succession next month, the market or the digestion of inventory, the author predicts, short-term market or still consolidation operation.


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