Metalloinvest And TMK Review Partnership And Set Out Future Plans

- Jun 11, 2018-

Metalloinvest and TMK have held their latest coordination meeting, at which the companies discussed their partnership over the past two years and the prospects for future collaboration. The event took place at the Volga Pipe Plant production facility (part of TMK). The Metalloinvest delegation was led by Andrey Prosyanik, Director of Domestic Sales, Management Company Metalloinvest. The TMK delegation was headed by Sergey Marchenko, Deputy General Director for Procurement, TMK.

During the meeting, the discussion focused in particular on the implementation of supply contracts for rolled steel products from Ural Steel (part of Metalloinvest) to Volga Pipe Plant. The delegations discussed quality control issues, including proposals for the future development of the production of flat products. The parties also reviewed possibilities for expanding Metalloinvest’s supply of pipe billets to other TMK facilities.

During their visit, Metalloinvest representatives visited Volga Pipe Plant’s production facility for large-diameter pipes, as well as hot-rolled pipes used for the oil and gas industry, among other applications.

Metalloinvest and TMK have a long and successful history of collaboration. Metalloinvest supplies pipe billets, flat products, bars and hot briquetted iron to TMK enterprises.

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