Malaysian Kuantan Steel Project No. 2 Coke Oven Successfully Launched

- May 18, 2018-

At 9:16 am on May 8, 2018, the “One Belt and One Road” key project, which was designed and manufactured by China Metallurgical Coking Co., Ltd. and China Twenty-two Metallurgy, was successfully completed. Put into production.

The project is located in Mazhong Kuantan Industrial Park, Gabin Industrial Zone, Kuantan City, Malaysia. The construction unit is United Steel Corporation. The first-phase coking project of the 3.5 million-ton iron and steel project project of Malaysia-Malaysian Kant Industrial Park Union Steel (Malaysia) will be undertaken by MCC's Jiao Nai. It will design two 60-hole 6-meter top charging coke ovens and supporting chemical production areas. Supply of equipment, coke oven supporting a design of a 150 tons / hour capacity of CDQ and power generation equipment, and a full set of equipment availability. The construction content of the 22nd Smelter in China is to build a coking plant with an annual output of 1.1 million tons of coke, including coking, coal preparation, coke disposal, CDQ, gas purification and recovery, phenol cyanide wastewater treatment, storage and transportation, and public auxiliary facilities. The large-scale system of 78 units of civil engineering, steel structure, masonry, and supporting water, electricity, instrument automation, etc., involved more than 1,200 employees.

While building the coking project, China Metallurgical Coking Co., Ltd. also contracted the (design + equipment supply) project of United Steel's lime roasting unit. The lime roasting unit is supported by four JNSS-600 double-sink shaft kilns with proprietary intellectual property rights of China Metallurgical Co., Ltd., with an active lime production scale of 397,900 tons/year and a light-burned dolomite production scale of 267,400 tons/year.

Ma Zhongguantan's 3.5 million tons steel project is the first Malaysian "One Belt and One Road" project undertaken by China Metallurgical Group for the first time as a "national team" and has been highly valued by the governments of both countries. During the construction of the project, the participating units keep in mind the strategic goal of becoming the world's first metallurgical construction and operation service team's strategic goal, and carry forward the spirit of “China is still not sluggish in one day, not sluggish in one day” and the honest and heavy MCC spirit, ensure quality, grasp progress, and complete successfully. The tasks at all stages are highly recognized by the owners.

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