Major Tangshan Steel Mills Resume From Production Cuts

- Sep 03, 2018-

Several major steel mills in Tangshan, Hebei province have resumed regular operation as of Friday August 31, from the city’s previous round of month-long cuts that started in late July.


Mills included Donghai Iron & Steel and Ruifeng Iron & Steel, SMM learned. Other major plants such as Xinda, Ganglu, and Tangyin have not returned to operation.


At Xinda Iron & Steel, a blast furnace of 1080m³ remains under maintenance, and the company plans to resume in the middle of September. Tangyin told SMM that it would return to normal production in at the end of September completing equipment upgrading.


All steel mills in Tangshan underwent a month-long production cut from July 20 to August 31, after the city government released official notice on Wednesday July 11. This affected the production of blast furnaces, unlike previous short-term, frequent cuts that targeted sintering machines and shaft furnaces.

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