Installation Requirements

- Dec 22, 2016-

Formation of steel pipe scaffold with couplers should be paid attention to in ground solid, set the base and plate, and reliable drainage to prevent water soaking foundations.

According to the wall bar set and load size, open double-row scaffolding pole distance is generally 1.05~1.55m, step generally is 1.20~1.35m masonry scaffolding, decorative masonry, decorative or dual-use of scaffolding is generally 1.80m, pole latitude 1.2~2.0M. Installation height allowed is 34~50m. When set for a single row, and pole horizontal distance of 1.2~1.4 m, vertical rods from 1.5~2.0M. Allow setting is 24m.

Horizontal bars should be installed on the inside of the pole, its length should not be less than 3, horizontal Rod butt Couplers can be used, or lap. Such as docking method, then butt fasteners should be staggered; such as the use of lap joint, lap length should not be less than 1 m, and should set the 3 Rotary buckle fixed spacing.

Scaffolding the master node (the pole, vertical pole, horizontal three-bar close to the buckle contact) must be set at a horizontal pole right angle fastener and removal is strictly prohibited. Master Center distance of the two right angle fasteners should not be greater than 150mm. Double-row scaffolding in the horizontal bar against the wall at one end of the extended length should not be greater than the pole distance of 0.4 times times and should not be greater than 500mm; operations non-primary nodes on the horizontal bar, should be according to the support scaffold need spacing settings, maximum spacing should not be greater than the vertical distance of the 1/2.

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