Hong Kong Urges Foreign Governments Not To Interfere In Its Affairs

- May 30, 2018-

Hong Kong urges foreign governments not to interfere in its affairs

China's Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) government Tuesday slammed a report made by the US Department of State, saying foreign governments should not interfere in its internal affairs in any form.

Since HKSAR's return to China in 1997, it has strictly followed the Basic Law to implement a high degree of autonomy with the "Hong Kong people governing Hong Kong," which fully demonstrates that "One Country, Two Systems" has been fully and successfully implemented, stressed a spokesperson for the HKSAR government.

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The US report, issued Tuesday, claimed that Beijing's certain actions were "inconsistent" with China’s commitment in the Basic Law to allow Hong Kong to exercise a high degree of autonomy.

The report cited examples of China's top legislature's decision to apply the National Anthem Law in the HKSAR and the Macao SAR as well as the denial of entry into the HKSAR of British human rights activist Benedict Rogers, among others. 

HKSAR chief executive Carrie Lam last year dismissed concerns about the enactment of China’s national anthem legislation in the region, saying that society should not be overly sensitive. 

"Society should not be overly sensitive about this natural, reasonable law – one that is not within Hong Kong’s jurisdiction – to make sure the anthem is respected,” declared Lam.

As for the British human rights activist's barred entry to Hong Kong, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said last October that it is China's sovereign right to deny or approve anyone's entry to Hong Kong.

China has stressed on many occasions that it firmly opposes any interference by foreign governments, institutions and individuals in Hong Kong affairs.

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