Histeel Signed A 48 Billion Dollars Pipe Contract With German PM Company

- Apr 06, 2017-

   On 23th March, Histeel signed a pipe contract with German PM Company, valuing 48 billion dollars. The pipe will be used in UAE construction market. 

   Located in Düsseldorf, German PM Steel Pipe is a supplier for engineering materials, specializing in wire and pipe industry. Their branches are throughout the world more than 40 countries and regions. This order involve in 40,000 tons pipe, will delivery on October.

   Once the company's product quality and technology is globally recognized, then next orders will be soonest, Histeel's official said.

   According to the announcement of Histeel, in 2016, the company has accumulated to the Middle East supply of the contract total of 47.8 billion won of steel, accounting for its total sales in 2016 36.01%.

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