- Jun 14, 2018-



State and Federal  legislation states that Gainford equipment has an obligation to provide a safe working environment for all employees and clients. Gainford equipment  is committed to understanding and minimising any adverse environmental impacts resulting from its  scaffolding activities, while continuing to meet client expectations of quality and service, and providing a safe working environment for employees. 

We believe that all employees and parties associated with Gainford equipment have an important role to play in achieving our environmental goals and therefore encourage concern and respect for the environment ..

Gainford equipment will strive for compliance with all applicable environmental laws and regulations and, where no specific regulation exists, will adopt responsible standards in keeping with community expectations and leave all scaffolding sites as they were found. Gainford equipment will conduct its business with a commitment to protecting the quality of the environment and will strive for continual improvement of its environmental performance through systematic management practice.

Gainford equipment  environmental policy is to ensure, as far as is reasonably practicable, that all employees and clients of Gainford equipment take an active role in examining their environmental practices, and then determine how their impacts should best be managed using creative and relevant solutions. The Environmental Management Policy can assist Gainford equipment to both improve its environmental performance, and enhance its business efficiency, while ensuring that its scaffolding performance is within regulatory requirements.

 Gainford equipment will use this Environmental Management Policy to:
Minimise Environmental Liabilities - Maximise the efficient use of resources - Reduce waste - Demonstrate responsible corporate practice - Build awareness and knowledge of environmental concern among employees and clients -  Gain a better understanding of the environmental impacts of business activities and scaffolding projects.



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