Four Characteristics Of Mobile Scaffolding

- Jun 22, 2018-

1. Reliability

The frame scaffold makes full use of the function of frame combination, with good stability, smooth passage between layers, stable and reliable overall structure, neat and uniform operating environment. In order to ensure that the product can be used for a long time without rust, the inner and outer surface of the product is treated by hot dip galvanization, which improves the anti-corrosion ability of the surface and prolongs the service life.

2. Economy

Product due to the high strength steel and hot dip galvanizing technology, single light weight, economic and durable, and greatly reduces the product cost of paint for many times, so as to make the product cost is decreased obviously. frame scaffolds are easy to set up, disassemble and have high efficiency, which is 50% to 60% more effective than steel tubular fastener scaffolds and saves a lot of labor.

3. Usability

Reasonable product design, serialization and supporting use, convenient transportation, storage and site management, for the construction site standardization, civilized management created favorable conditions. The frame scaffold is built and dismantled without any other tools. It is easy to operate, fast and safe to operate at high altitude.

4. Applicability

Products are widely used in factories, stadium, exhibition center, stage, billboards, shopping malls, railway stations, docks, airports, Bridges, tunnels, subway, shipbuilding and other industrial and civil building construction and maintenance.

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