Five Injured After Scaffolding Collapses, Trapping Pedestrians In SoHo

- Mar 02, 2018-

         Five people were trapped under a pile of scaffolding in SoHo on Sunday when heavy winds collapsed a sidewalk shed, witnesses and officials said.

Emergency workers pulled the pedestrians from the giant pile of metal rods and wood panels at Broadway and Prince St. at about 11:40 a.m., according to photos posted on social media.

“Scaffolding fell down at Broadway and Prince,” posted Twitter user

An FDNY official blamed wind gusts for the scaffolding falling down.

       There were a couple of pedestrians buried in debris. Units were here in two minutes and we were able to get them out quickly,” Deputy Chief Chris Boyle said at the scene.

Medics took the three women and two men to Bellevue Hospital. Two victims were in serious but stable condition, while the other three suffered minor injuries, according to the FDNY.

Boyle said the sidewalk shed was 20 feet tall.

“The exterior plywood panels acted as a sail and it blew the shed over,” he said, adding it was “very fortunate to only have five injuries.”

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