- Dec 22, 2016-

1, the advantages

1) capacity is big. Scaffold geometry and structural compliance with specification requirements, under normal circumstances, single-tube columns bearing capacity of scaffolding up to 15kN~35kN (1. 5tf~3. 5TF, design).

2) disassembly, installation flexibility. Because the pipe length is easy to adjust fastener is simple, so it can adapt to a variety of plane, facade scaffolding for buildings and structures.

3) more economical, simple processing, lower investment costs if carefully designed scaffolding geometry, pay attention to improving the rate of steel pipe used in, the material consumption could be achieved good economic results. Steel fastener replacement construction steel of about 15 kg per square meter.

2, weakness

1) fastener (especially the screw) are easily lost;

Bolt tightening torque shall be not less than 40N · m, and should not be more than 65N • m;[1]

2) node members connected to eccentricity, passed load and internal force of sliding resistance and thereby reduce its carrying capacity;

3) fastening node connection quality fastener quality and obviously affect the workers.

3, adaptability

1) build scaffolds, templates, and other supporting frame in all its forms;

2) assemble the Derrick;

3) set up ramp, shed, stands and other temporary structures,

4) for other types of scaffold supporting and strengthening bars;

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