Thailand's New Tallest Building: A Sneak Peek From Atop Bangkok's Mighty MahaNakhon

- Feb 02, 2018-

    These are just a few of the scenes that will pull at the camera lenses of visitors to the Sky Observation Deck and Bar atop Thailand's new tallest building, the 314-meter MahaNakhon.  

Now comes the bad news. Though the building's structure is complete, the rooftop attraction -- with its very own cantilevered glass floor  -- won't open till 2018.

CNN was recently given an exclusive tour of MahaNakhon by the project's creator, Pace Development CEO Sorapoj Techakraisri.

For now, the rooftop is a mass of scaffolding, concrete and steel.  

Though it requires a huge leap of imagination to envision the rooftop attraction in its final form, when looking at the empty frame where the glass floor will sit you can almost hear the terrified squeals of tourists creeping across it to pose for photos.

       "We hope that this would be something that Bangkok people would be proud of, as the architectural landmark shows another side of Bangkok to the world," says Techakraisri.

The CEO says he wants MahaNakhon to offer visitors a new perspective on the city.

"People know Bangkok for tourism, for service, for food, for culture, but they don't realize that we [also have] quite a big economy, and I think to have a modern, very international level of architecture, would send a very different message to the people in the world," he says.

So what inspired the building's name?

"MahaNakhon is actually part of the Thai name for Bangkok city -- Krung Thep Mahanakhon -- which means 'city of angels, the great metropolis,'" says Techakraisri.  

"We feel that Bangkok is known for many things but we would also like this building to be part of the future, part of what people would remember -- [that] Bangkok is a great metropolis."

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