Door Steel Erection Requirements

- Dec 22, 2016-

1 door-scaffold base must be solid and should put in place drainage to prevent accumulation of

2 door-scaffold erection sequence as follows: base ready to put plate → → → laid the base for vertical two monolithic door frame installation scaffold → → → installed cross bars on this basis to repeat the installation of the door frame, cross bars, backout procedures.

3 door steel-tube scaffold erection from one end to the other end, step on scaffolding scaffolding on completion of the next step. Installation direction contrary to the next step.

Scaffolding erection of 4, each step should end insert on the base two-door frame and then install cross bars on a fixed, lock the lock, and then after the erection of mast, each take a PIN, then put on the cross-bar and lock plate.

5, scaffolding and building reliable links must be set.

6, should be set outside the door fastener-style steel pipe scaffolding scissors, vertical and the vertical should be continuous sets.

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