Despite Challenges, Steel Key For Sustainable Future - Dr Edwin Basson

- Apr 10, 2018-

The Korea Herald reported that Dr Edwin Basson, the director general of World Steel Association, in an email interview with The Korea Herald told that after years of prosperity, the steel industry is facing slower demand due to market saturation and the increasing reuse of steel amid rising concerns over its impact on the environment. He said “Steelmakers around the world, however, should face these challenges and join efforts to convince customers that the metal product still remains the foundation of a sustainable future.”

He said “Steel remains an exceptional product in terms of sustainability. Steel being a 100% and infinitely recyclable makes it the foundation of a sustainable future. However, with intense competition from other materials, the industry will need to continue working to convince its customers and society at large of its environmental advantages.”

He added “One thing that all steel producers should be aware of is the impact of the circular economic model on steel demand ... As an industry it is likely that we will need to deal with slower demand growth for steel on a continuous basis.

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