Customs Documents Have Been Reduced From 132 To 40

- Jun 08, 2018-

The general administration of customs determines the following principles in streamlining documents: first, all documents not required by customs supervision shall be cancelled; Second, the documents that the customs can obtain through networking with other units or departments, as well as the documents that the customs can inquire about themselves, need not be submitted by the enterprise. Third, the documents issued by the customs that do not need to be signed and signed are not required to be submitted by the enterprise; Fourth, other management links have been submitted to the customs documents, enterprises need not repeat submission.

After the clean up, and the customs to cancel the administrative relative person to submit documents material 92 kinds, retain only 40 kinds of document materials, mainly includes the following two categories: one is unable to customs and related management department through the network access to relevant information, the customs check exist some difficulties in their administrative efficiency and easily affected. Second, the customs needs to sign the relevant documents in the process of handling business, and the administrative counterpart should submit such documents as a necessary procedure for handling relevant business. The above documents with customs and related management departments to implement networking inspection and customs clearance work paperless reform deepening, when conditions are ripe, also will no longer require companies to submit.

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