China Steel Prices Fell Sharply

- Apr 14, 2017-

Recently, the domestic steel market price fell sharply, many place down about 15USD/ton. At the same time, many steel factories lower their guidance price,but most of the end-customers take no actions,which lead to market downturn.On the whole, the short-term market ptrice will continue to decline.

According to the Steel News on April 13, the rebar price on April 12 fell 2-10USD/ton in Shanghai, Jinan,Guangzhou,Beijing,Chongqing and other 23 cities.

24 major cities, the hot roll price fell sharply, the average price of 3.0 hot roll is about 483USD/ton, compared with the previous day down about 16USD/ ton. The average price of 4.75 hot roll is about 473USD/ton,compared with the previous day down about 16USD/ton.

As for the cold roll,the national cold roll prices plummeted.the average price of 1.0 cold roll is 568.67USD/ton,down about 10USD/ton. The cold roll market is difficult to block, the shipment is in general.

The industry said the high output and poor demand situation is the main reason for the decline. In addition, the recent decline in iron ore, has also increased the unfavorable factorys to the market mentality.

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