China Asks US To Lift Restrictions That Break WTO Rules

- Jul 19, 2018-

Chinese Ministry of Commerce asked the United States to lift restrictions that go against the World Trade Organization's rules.

Responding to the US' WTO challenge to China's countermeasures on the US section 232 investigation over steel and aluminum imports, an official from the ministry said in a statement released on Wednesday that China's action is legitimate and in line with multilateral trade rules.

"Many WTO members have reached the consensus that the US is using the excuse of national security to implement trade protectionism," said the statement.

The statement claimed the US's practice is a serious damage to multilateral trade rules and has hurt the legitimate rights and interests of many WTO members, including China.

China has filed a request for negotiation on the compensation to the US, which is in accordance with the WTO rules. But the US has yet to respond, said the official.

"Thus, the country will have to take further action according to the trade laws to offset the damage caused by the US trade protectionism in order to protect its own rights and interests," the official added.

"If the US still has sincerity to comply with the multilateral trade rules, it should end its restriction against WTO rules as soon as possible," the official said.

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