Calculation Of The Area Of Scaffold Erection

- Jun 22, 2018-

Scaffolds shall be erected at the end point first:

1. External scaffold and buildings vertical closed quantities according to the exterior line length, multiplied by the calculation of the height to m2 of outdoor floor to external, prominent outside wall battlements within 24 cm width, calculate scaffolding of quantities attached such as chimney, more than 24 cm outside when calculated according to the size of graphic, incorporated into the scaffold outside the quantities. Don't deduct the door hole, empty circle, etc of the area.

2. The amount of scaffold construction in the inner wall shall be calculated according to the vertical projection area of the wall.

3. Independent column according to the single exclusive scaffolding norm project calculation, its outer circumference according to the graphic column structure of quantities plus 3.60 m by high situation, the new market, so as to not be eliminated in market competition, which requires our continuous innovation, continuous development.

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