- Dec 22, 2016-

1, the advantages

1) function: according to specific construction requirements, different group sizes,Shape and load-carrying capacity of single-, double-row scaffolding, support frame, support columns, material lifting frame, climbed scaffolding and cantilevered construction equipment and other features. Can also be used for erection of structures such as sheds, shed, Lighthouse construction. Especially suitable for installation surfaces and overloading the scaffold support frame.

2) high efficiency: common elements of up to 3130mm, 17.07kg. Whole spelt hurt 3~5 times faster than conventional, spell removal quick effort, workers used a hammer to finish all my homework, avoid the inconvenience of a bolt action.

3) universality: the main components are made of ordinary steel of steel tubular scaffold with couplers, fasteners with steel tube connections available, versatile.

4) capacity: axis of vertical poles connected is the same socket rail with vertical bars on Bowl connector, connector with reliable bending, shear and torsion properties. And the rod axis cross at a single point, node in the plane of the frame, so the structure is stable and reliable, large carrying capacity. (Whole capacity is improved, and about equally clear condition of fastener-style steel pipe scaffolding over 15%,)

5) safety: joint design, given Bowl screw friction and gravity, reliable self-locking ability of joint. Under loads acting on the Rails through the bowl to the pole, Bowl with strong shear capacity under (up to 199kN). Bowl even though it is not pressing on rail accidents joints will not emerge. Also equipped with a safety-net support, Rails, scaffold, toeboards ladder. Pick the beam. Bar accessories such as wall bracing, safe and reliable. 6) easy processing: φ 48x3.5, Q235B welded steel pipe for main components, simple manufacturing process, moderate cost, directly to existing processing improvement the scaffold with couplers. Does not require complicated processing equipment.

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