Beijing Construction Site Accident Kills 10, Injures 4

- Jul 03, 2018-

BEIJING - Beijing has set up a special team to investigate a construction site accident which killed ten workers and injured another four on Monday morning, local authorities said.

The incident occurred at a construction site at Tsinghua High School campus' south side at around 8:20 am.

The findings of the initial investigation indicate that steel bars, used to reinforce concrete structures, collapsed and caused the accident.

According to the Beijing municipal government, police detained people "directly responsible for the accident", but did not give more details about their identities.

All the injured were taken to nearby hospitals for medical attention, and are in stable condition.

An injured woman surnamed Zhang is being treated at the No 306 Hospital of the People's Liberation Army. When the accident happened, she and her husband were busy binding the steel bars together.

"They collapsed suddenly, and I heard loud noises," she recalled.

The school remains open and classes have not been affected, although the usual morning outside exercise session was canceled for all students.

Ma, who lives near the campus, said he saw ambulances arriving at the school at around 9 am.

The school said no students were injured.

Beijing Mayor Wang Anshun and other officials arrived at the site as the investigation continues.

Tsinghua High School is a school attached to China's famous Tsinghua University. It will celebrate its 100th birthday next year.

"The Spring Festival, or the Chinese New Year, will be celebrated soon. I'm very sad that ten workers lost their lives, and their families will never see their day of reunion," a user named "Rondo" wrote on China's twitter-like Sina Weibo.

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