Bay Area To Establish Intellectual Property Protection Mechanism

- Apr 25, 2018-

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The mechanism aims to enhance the comprehensive protection level and the application capacity on intellectual property in the area, said Cui Haiying, the office’s director of the regional strategy division in the conservation and coordination department.

Cui announced the mechanism in a forum in Shenzhen on Monday.

The Bay Area comprises nine cities and two special administrative regions, meaning two social systems are being run within the area, with their respective laws and regulations concerning intellectual property protection. 

There are around 30,000 national-level high-tech enterprises in the Bay Area, with the number of patent applications reaching 572,000 in 2017, official data showed.

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In addition to intellectual property, there is also room for broader cooperation in the Bay Area on science and education, Cui added. 

According to the Global Innovation Index 2017 released by the World Intellectual Property Organization in June last year, the Shenzhen-Hong Kong area has surpassed the San Francisco Bay Area to become the world’s second largest innovation cluster, second to the Tokyo-Yokohama area. 

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