Aluminum Alloy

- Dec 22, 2016-

1, aluminum scaffolding all parts using special aluminum alloy material, lighter than traditional steel frame 75%

2, Part connection strength: expand external pressure type cold work process, pulling force for scaffold fittings up to 4100-4400Kg than 2100Kg permissible pulling force.

3, easy to install and comes with high-strength casters, removable.

4, the whole structure adopts "building block" design, without any tools.

Aluminum scaffolding solution to Spider-man problem, it can be based on the actual needs of the high degree of overlap, there 2.32M/1.856M/1.392M three height. Are available in both wide-and narrow-width specification. Narrow frame on the narrow ground of lap, convenient and flexible. He meets the wall corners, stairs, narrow space are the requirements for Spider-man Spider-man a good helper.

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