Wheeled scaffolding editing

- Oct 21, 2017-

Wheeled scaffolding, unlike a clap-type scaffolding, but it is a new type of building support system derived from a button-type scaffold. Compared with its bearing capacity, build fast, stable, easy to site management and so on.


Trolley (Straight) scaffolding is a self-locking function of the new type of steel pipe scaffolding, with reference to the Ministry of Housing and Urban and Rural Development issued by the JGJ231-2010 standard production, the main components for the pole and cross bar, disk buckle node structure Reasonable, vertical shaft force, so that the overall structure of the scaffolding in the three-dimensional structure of high strength, good overall stability, and has a reliable self-locking function, can effectively improve the overall stability of the scaffolding strength and safety, to better meet the construction The need for safety. It has the characteristics of quick stripping, labor saving, simple structure, stable and reliable, versatile, bearing capacity, safe and efficient, easy to be lost, easy to manage and easy to transport.

main feature

1. With versatility: According to the specific construction requirements, composed of different sets of frame size, shape and carrying capacity of single, double scaffolding, support frame, support column and other functions of the construction equipment.

2. With high efficiency: simple structure, easy disassembly, fast, completely avoid the bolts and scattered parts of the loss, joint assembly demolition speed than conventional blocks more than 5 times, fight quickly and effort, the workers with a hammer You can complete all operations.

3. With the bearing capacity: pole connection is the coaxial cable socket, the node in the frame plane, the joints have a bending, shear, torsional mechanical properties, structural stability, bearing capacity.

4. With safety and reliability: joint design taking into account the role of gravity, so that the connector has a reliable two-way self-locking ability, the role of the load on the bar through the buckle to the pole, the buckle has a strong shear Ability (up to 199KN).

5. Standardized packaging products, less maintenance, loading and unloading fast, easy to transport, easy to store.

6. Carton scaffolding life is much higher than the fastener scaffold, generally can be used for more than 10 years, due to abandoned the bolt connection. Components by the impact of anti-knock. Even if the rust does not affect the use of scraping.

7. With early demolition function: cross bar can be removed in advance turnover, saving materials, saving wood, saving labor. Truly energy saving and environmental protection, economic and practical.

8, in practice, as a beam span of 15m within the net clearance height of 12m below the single span, multi-span continuous beam, frame structure of the housing template support system, its stability and safety is better than the bowl button scaffolding, better than Door scaffolding.

Construction points editing

1, should be done before the support system of the special construction program design, and by the total package unit pay-off positioning, so that the support system horizontal and vertical, to ensure that the late scissors and the overall link set to ensure its overall stability and anti- Sex.

2, wheeled scaffolding installation base must be compacted and take concrete hardening measures.

3, wheeled scaffolding should use the same elevation of the floor plate height range, for the height and span of a single component supporting the use of the bar when the bar and the vertical pressure of the bar (the critical force) check to ensure that Stability and safety of the frame.

4, frame body erection to be completed after the addition of sufficient scissors support, in the top and the bracket between the distance between 300-500mm to add enough horizontal tie rod, so that the overall stability of a reliable guarantee;

5, at present China's Ministry of Construction has not wheeled scaffolding industry standards and norms introduced, but in the construction site has begun to widely used, of course, hope that the relevant departments to develop the appropriate norms, so that the use of wheeled scaffolding in the correct use of Reliable basis.

Function and use editing

1. Construction template construction (including road and bridge construction) support, especially high support model;

High and low building construction of the external scaffolding;

3. Large, medium and small warehouse shelves (three-dimensional shelves);

4. Renovation works and mechanical and electrical installation of the high operating "work platform", the ship repair industry inside and outside the scaffolding.

5. concerts, games, temporary stands, spectators and stage scaffolding;

6. Construction unit flow shed.

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