Scaffolding material selection

- May 19, 2017-

Scaffolding material selection

(1) steel pipe with 48mm × 3.5mm welded steel pipe, steel strength grade Q235-A, steel pipe surface should be smooth and smooth, there should be no cracks, delamination, indentation, marking and hard bend, the new steel pipe to have the factory Certificate. Scaffolding construction must be admitted to the steel pipe sampling, sent to the relevant national qualification of the test unit, the steel bending, tensile and other mechanical tests, test results to meet the design requirements, before use in the construction.


(2) scaffolding erection of the use of forging casting couplers, should be consistent with the Ministry of Construction, "steel pipe scaffold standard" JGJ22-85 requirements, by the production of couplers production license manufacturers, no cracks, stomata, shrink Loose, trachoma and other forging defects, coupler specifications should be matched with the steel pipe, paste and face should be dry, flexible parts, clamping steel pipe when the minimum distance of not less than 5mm. Steel pipe bolts tightening torque up to 70N.m shall not be destroyed. If you use the old coupler, the coupler must be sampled to send the relevant national qualification of the test unit, the fastening resistance of the test, test results to meet the design requirements before use in the construction.


(3) erection of shelves should be carried out before the maintenance, rust and uniform color, the color to the beautiful environment. Scaffolding pole, protective railings, kicker uniform paint yellow, scissors brace uniform orange. Bottom row of pole, sweeping pole are painted red and white color.


(4) scaffold with bamboo string scaffolding, the thickness of not less than 50mm, splicing bolts of the spacing shall not be greater than 60mm, bolt and bolt bolts should be closely matched.


(5) safety net with dense mesh safety net, mesh should meet the 2000 head / 100cm2, resistance to penetration test does not penetrate, 1.6 × 1.8m single leaf weight of 3kg or more, the color should meet the environmental requirements, green. The safety net used must have the product production license and the quality certificate, and the quasi-license issued by the construction safety supervision and management department.


(6) with wall steel pipe, its material should be consistent with the current national standard "carbon steel structure" (GB / T700) Q235A steel requirements. Scaffolding erection of the general requirements.

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