Scaffolding fastener type which several kinds

- Oct 24, 2017-

Scaffolding fastener in the build to play a fixed role, and now the probability of a great accident, according to statistics, buildings, accidents and more than other accident rates, which are built on the building and the relationship is not strong, scaffolding fastener performance Characteristics, anti-off excellent, anti-skid excellent, anti-strong, strong anti-rust, fast and light. Scaffolding fasteners can be fixed and can play a large object. Scaffolding fastener there are many kinds, the following to give you one by one introduced.

In the case of

A variety of fasteners, the main new fasteners, steel scaffolding fasteners, cast steel fasteners, T-type building fasteners, concrete pillow fasteners, wooden pillow fasteners, rail fasteners, Fu Si Luo fasteners, Magang fasteners , Scaffolding fasteners, railway fasteners, steel stamping fasteners, butt fasteners, rotating fasteners, right angle fasteners.

Scaffolding fastener features:

1, anti-deformation ability.

2, anti-skid performance.

3, fasteners with security advantages, quality advantages, brand advantage, this fastener has a good product advantages, to make in the construction to show a good advantage.

4, easy maintenance.

5, strong anti-corrosion ability.

6, anti-off ability.

Fastener fasteners and racks Cross fasteners commonly used in domestic fasteners are cast iron production, the mechanical properties should be consistent with "steel scaffold fastener" (GB15831-2006) material not less than KT330-08. There are three kinds of fasteners products: right angle fasteners, butt fasteners, rotating fasteners. Packed in woven bags, each pack is 25. Each weight should be 1.1KG (with bolts). Under normal circumstances is dipped in red anti-rust paint in the form of anti-rust treatment. And supporting the use of shelves. General fastener products production and procurement ratio is 8: 1: 1. That is the proportion of right angle accounted for 80%, docking 10%, rotating 10%. Easy to use and convenient.

Scaffolding China In 1949 and early 1950s, construction scaffolds used bamboo or timber erection method. 60 years to promote fastener type steel scaffolding. In the 1980s, China has made remarkable achievements in the development of advanced, multi-functional scaffolding series, such as door scaffolding series, bowl button steel pipe scaffolding series, with an annual output of tens of thousands of tons of scale, and has a certain Quantity of export. For a long time, due to the erection of the tool itself and its construction technology and the use of safety management work in a more backward state, resulting in a higher incidence of accidents. About the statistical surface: About one third of the casualties in China's construction system are related to the erection of tools and their use, either directly or indirectly. With the increasingly mature and perfect construction of the Chinese construction market, bamboo scaffolding has been phased out of the construction market, only in some remote areas are still behind; and door scaffolding, bowl button scaffolding only in the municipal, bridges and other small Engineering use, intelligence research consulting estimates that ordinary fastener steel scaffolding because of its simple maintenance and long life and low cost of inputs and other advantages, accounting for more than 70% of China's domestic market, and a larger space for development.

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