- Dec 22, 2016-

Fang Xiu fixed scaffolding is divided into: scaffolding, scaffold the building independent residential, high-rise scaffolding, scaffold, front and back patios scaffolding, total width rows of scaffolding, scaffolding, a balcony pipe scaffolding, building pole scaffold, scaffolding, scaffolding and other types of building the chimney, in the budget should be classified according to the different housing types to apply the appropriate quota.

Scaffolding quota is divided into three types:

1) no real pattern composite scaffold, if in the construction of Jian ' an, at the same site, there are several items you need to use scaffolding, you can use the scaffolding project, other scaffolding Setup projects can no longer occur. In construction, the construction company can build as needed. The high cost of the project.

2) scaffold is the outer wall construction scaffolding, scaffold used in wall construction is, but generally civil, civil construction do not apply within the scaffolds. In pipeline construction, also in height more than 3.6 meters above, scaffolding project.

3) in height is not too high and bearing small local, you can use the single-row scaffolding. Construction of multi-storey building outer wall, is the use of double-row scaffolding. The construction of high-rise buildings, if scaffolding is used, be sure to do security accounts, high-rise scaffolding accidents occur repeatedly.

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