Q235/En 12810 Steel Structure Metal Framework

- Jun 29, 2017-

Products Details:



1.Simple structure, simple erection,simple disassembly

2. Bearing performance good, safety and stability  etc . 

2.Frame  has excellent  performance, But also use for long time.

1.Used for buildings, halls, Bridges, overpass, tunnel and other templates in the roof. 
 2.Used in high-rise buildings, both inside and outside gate scaffolding. 
 3.Used for mechanical and electrical installation, ship hull building and other decoration engineering activities such as working platform. 
 4.Used for temporary site dormitory, warehouse or barrack etc.

1. Door frame

Surface:Pre-galvanized, Painted, Hot Dipped Galvanized

Quality Standard:EN1004:2004,EN74-1:2005

Welcome to buy the cheap painted,pre-galvanized,hot dipped galvanized frame scaffolding made in China from us which is competitive in its durable and stable performance and high compressive strength. We are one of the professional such manufacturers and suppliers in China. Located in Dongguan, we will also offer you fast delivery.

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