What are the types of steel scaffolding generally?

- Oct 24, 2017-

According to their construction materials are divided into wooden scaffolding, bamboo scaffolding, steel scaffolding; according to its structure is divided into multi-gate, door type, bridge type, cantilevered, hanging type , Climbing scaffolding and so on. At present, the construction of the main use of steel scaffolding, housing construction in the fastener scaffolding more, and bridge engineering to bowl button scaffolding. China is now using scaffolding made of steel pipe material with fastener steel scaffolding, bowl button steel pipe scaffolding, socket steel scaffolding, door scaffolding, there are a variety of scaffolding, hanging scaffolding and other steel pipe materials scaffold. From its material and structure to proceed, and can be roughly divided as follows:

2.1 by the material of the rod division

1) Scaffolding with single gauge steel pipe. It uses only one type of steel pipe, such as fastener steel scaffolding, only use Ф48 × 3.5 welded steel pipe.

2) a variety of specifications of the combination of scaffolding. It consists of two or more different specifications of the steel pipe, such as door scaffolding.

3) to steel-based scaffolding. That is, mainly to the steel pipe, and supplemented by other types of steel rods composed of scaffolding, such as the provision of the trough or the base of the scaffolding, there are connecting steel plate scaffolding and so on.

Bowl button steel pipe scaffolding when the use of steel pipe bar, as a "single steel scaffolding"; when the use of steel cross bar, the "steel-based scaffolding."

2.2 divided by the vertical force between the crossbar and the pole

1) by the contact surface friction force transmission force. That is, by the contact surface at the node after the friction reaction force to support the bar load and pass it to the pole, such as the role of fasteners, by tightening the positive pressure of the bolt to produce friction;

2) by welding force. Most of the bar and the pole of the socket is used in this way, mast also belong to this way;

3) direct pressure transmission force. This way more common in the bar to stay in the top of the pole in the scaffolding;

4) by the pin of the shear force. That is, with the pin through the vertical bar of the bar and the pole of the hole to achieve the connection, pin double-sided shear force. This method has been rare in the connection between the bar and the pole.

In addition, the connection between the pole and the pole, there are three ways of transmission:

1) bearing docking support force. That is, up and down pole docking, the use of connecting rods or cannula to ensure a good state of docking;

2) pin rod connection pin resistance force;

3) The engagement force of the screw connection. The inner thread of the inner tube is engaged with the internal thread of the outer tube. Where the latter two modes of force are used to adjust the height of the required pole connection.

2.3 by the connection parts of the fixed way and installation location

1) fixed distance connection: that is, the joint welding pieces on the bar set the distance, the length of the bar shape, the connection point spacing shape;

2) distance from the link: the link is a single piece, through the tightening bolts can be held in any part of the bar.

2.4 by the workers fixed node operation mode division

1) insert tight;

2) Tighten the bolts.

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