- Dec 22, 2016-

1. fake steel pipes prone to collapse.

Folding steel surface of various lines, which often longitudinally throughout the product. Collapsed due to shoddy manufacturers high efficiency, reduction large, ear, arises when the next roll fold, folding will crack after bending, decline in the strength of steel.

2. Shoddy steel tubing looks pitted.

Voids are caused due to serious Groove wear irregular depressions on the surface defect of steel. Because of shoddy steel pipe manufacturers to profit, often rolling and rolling over.

3. Inferior surface is easy to produce scarring.

There are two reasons: (1). Shoddy steel tube material is uneven and impurities. (2). Shoddy materials manufacturers guide equipment became easier to steel, they bite rolls are easy to produce scarring.

4. Inferior surface is easy to crack, because its stock is Adobe, Adobe Air hole, Adobe in the cooling

Process due to the action of heat stress, cracks, after rolling on crack.

5. Shoddy steel easy to scratch because of shoddy steel pipe manufacturers equipment, susceptible to Burr, scratch steel. Deep scratches to reduce the strength of steel.

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